Coexistence & Conflict - handmade photo-montages

In my series of photo montages called “Coexistence and Conflict”, I focus on the enigmatic world of human relations. I want to visualize strange psychological situations between people, or the problematic relation the individual sometimes has with himself.


These works are Giclee fine art prints of photo montages. They were originally made with scissors and glue, created with found images, and self made photographs, scanned at a high resolution, enlarged, professionally printed on fine art paper and stuck on Dybond. There are only three prints of each work. All prints are signed by the artist.


In my work I create environments that instigate something is going on but leave a lot unsolved. In these “film stills”, I stage these unresolved narratives like a cameraman using the surrounding space as a psychological metaphor of alienation, strangeness or fear. I use contrasts, ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, close up and faraway, I play with light and dark, to emphasize the “narrative of the spaces”. I like to show people that are not mainstream or proper, but different, bordering crazy, ungrounded, strange, and I place them in peculiar situations; at night, at dusk, the minute they are breaking down, melting experiencing ecstasy, or glimpsing eternity. 

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From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice


February 6, 2020

Annette Luycx


My hands-on workbook for self-discovery through artistic expression just came out! It is available on Amazon, Archway and Barnes & Noble as a print copy and as an e-book.

“From Art to Empowerment: How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice” By Annette Luycx  ISBN: 978-1-4808-8496-0 (softcover); 978-1-4808-8497-7 (eBook)  Available at the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



It describes the method I have developed over 20 years of working with women in art education. It helps women to look inward, find inspiration in personal experiences and generate their own themes, images and symbols, ultimately discovering what is meaningful to them and learning to express that visually. In the book I lead women through a step-by-step process using self-reflective thinking, visualizing, journaling, and other creative practices. It starts with explaining how to find a personal story that you can use for your art-making and it ends with advice to organize your final exhibition, in order to share your artwork with friends and family.


The book has twenty-four practical fun exercises and twelve art assignments that guide you to develop your artistic voice: that unique way of art-making that is so characteristic of who you are, your own style! This book will expand your artistic ability and self-awareness as you work in collage on an issue of personal interest.