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In my series of handmade photo montages called “Coexistence and Conflict”, I focus on the enigmatic world of human relations. I wanted to visualize strange psychological situations between people, or the problematic relation the individual sometimes has with him- or herself.


These works are Giclée fine art prints of photo montages. They were originally made with scissors and glue, created with found images, and self made photographs, scanned at a high resolution, enlarged, professionally printed on fine art paper and stuck on Dybond. There are only three prints of each work. All prints are signed by hand.


I like to show people that are not mainstream or proper, but different, bordering crazy, ungrounded, strange, and I place them in peculiar situations; at night, at dusk, the minute they are breaking down, melting experiencing ecstasy, or glimpsing eternity. 

Coexistence & Conflict

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