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Collage Portraits

In my collage portraits, I attempt to deconstruct familiar everyday faces, to shed light into the sinews of their being. I strive to merge fantasy and reality in each composition, to blaze parallel paths to the viewer's perception and the subject's deciphered sensibility. The resulting images display new faces that come to life and lead us to the dreamland of human emotions. 

I love human beings in their individual uniqueness and find beauty in the partial concealment of each: we see body and face, hear the voice and receive the self-presentation of each individual – worries and all – and yet a large portion of who they are remains unseen. This is the secret treasure of each person; and it is this that intrigues me, whatever each of us holds back: feelings, remembrances, thoughts, and secrets. 


Everybody has her or his own mythology, gods, symbols, monsters, magical animals. Remnants from our children’s world, full of magic, awe, and fear. These memories never leave us, they are buried deep in the soil of our soul.

Annette Luycx 

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