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Astrological Consultation

Annette has been studying astrology since 1975. She has obtained a MISPA Certificate in Psychological Astrology and a Certificate in Jungian Mysticism from The Centre for Applied Jungian Studies. Together with Clarissa Shanahan she leads the IRIS ART CENTRE workshop "Tarot/Astrology" every year. In 2024 it is taking place in June.  Annette is intrigued by the possibilities astrology offers for self-discovery, self-understanding and self-healing. Combine a chart reading with Annette's 5 day intensive online art coaching program for more in depth results and to facilitate deeper coaching, better access to the soul and the imagination and easy access to personal archetypes, so the development of your artistic potential takes a flight. More information about the 5 day intensive online one-on-one art coaching is here.

The Birth Chart

The astrological birth chart, or horoscope, is a unique map of the positions of the stars and planets at the exact time and place of our birth.

For psychological astrologers, it is a ‘map of the psyche’, revealing the themes and stories which will emerge during our lives. It is the astrologer’s task to identify and interpret these themes, to provide the insight and perspective to encourage her clients to develop the unique potential of their natal chart in its most creative and life enhancing expression.

Every chart contains specific and unique themes describing areas of dynamic tension, struggle, talent and potential. Analytical psychologist Carl Jung believed that the psyche is inherently motivated towards integration and wholeness. Astrology’s great gift is to give us the confidence to live more fully and with less fear. It reveals our inner patterns and helps us align with our true Self, transforming our lives through self acceptance and personal integration, and guiding us through life’s difficulties and choices.

The Consultation

Before our consultation takes place I need your time, date and place of birth, and I will analyse your horoscope before we meet on Zoom. An initial consultation lasts 90 minutes, during which time we will explore your horoscope, its inherent gifts and talents, any tensions and conflicts which need to be understood better and potentials yet to be realised. We will start the session by exploring some of the major themes in the birth chart. For example, the astrological Sun describes the particular nature of our fundamental life force, our core identity and the centre of our being. Our solar task is the conscious realisation of our true personal authority and integrity. The nodal axis is the symbolic meeting place of spirit, soul and body around which questions of fate and destiny always hover. The astrological angles are fixed at the moment of birth, describing the challenges of our incarnation: our relationship patterns and our true vocation in the world. We will explore any immediate challenges and opportunities indicated by the current position of the planets. To book a consultation please send me your name and  the time, date and place of  your birth, to, and pay the fee using the PayPal button underneath. I will contact you to make an appointment. 


The fee for a 90 minute astrological consultation is €170 with a recording of the session provided for you. 


In line with standard professional practice, everything discussed in a session is kept strictly confidential.

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