Art and ​Collage Workshops

​Since 2006 I have been teaching the following Art Workshops:

* The History of Collage

* Contemporary Collage Artists

* Collage and Mixed Media

* Becoming an Artist: Art as a Process

* Collage and Integrated Arts

* From Inspiration to Finished Artwork

* Paper Art

* Transformative Art

* World Art

* Women Artists: Life and Work

* Developing Artistic Voice

* Finding a personal focus

* Big ideas in Art

* Art as Self-Discovery

* Self-Portrait as a Process of Self-Enquiry

​Each workshop consists of 12 lessons of 2 ½ hours. The first half  hour is spent on showing slides of the work of established artists

that have been chosen to inspire the student for the specific lesson, along with analysis of themes and techniques present in the work of these artists. Next, the students work independently on their own, inspired to discover their own ways of expression as artists. In these two hours, I support each student individually with any queries or questions. Groups are maximum 15 students, each workshop can be taught separately or in combination as an art educational project, or as a semester at a college, where I can come to teach as a guest lecturer/art educator. One workshop could be taught over a time span of 2 or more weeks, including an art exhibition of the work of students at the end of this time span.

If you are interested to hire me for a set of art classes or workshops, or for a semester of teaching a specific subject, or if you would like more details on my collage and art courses, please contact me